The Tuesday, June 13 meeting of Kola Club was a luncheon at the home of Barbara Lewis. Alan Hazelrigg asked the blessing on the food.
President Lewis conducted the business meeting. Roll call was answered by “My plans for summer.”
The family ice cream social and potluck was discussed. It is scheduled 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 11 at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Florence.
Cards were signed for Erma Woolery and Art Young.
The meeting was dismissed by saying “The Lord’s Prayer” in unison.
After the meeting was dismissed, the hostess opened her gifts.
Those attending were guests Dewey Barr, Alan Hazelrigg, Ferrill Rose, Stephanie Sinclair and members Vickie Barr, Sharon Curtis, Elizabeth Hazelrigg, Lynne Rose, Elfi Sinclair, and Lewis.

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