by R.D. Fish

Summer school ends Thursday, June 8 at Morgan County R-I School in Stover. Breathe free, all ye students! Your vacation is finally at hand!
Only, be aware it will be “back to school” time in only a few short weeks.
Before you know it, you’ll be trying on free shoes, picking up school supplies, and getting checked for vision, hearing, and spinal curvature problems, among other services offered at the county’s annual back-to-school health fair.
So, kids, make the most of this brief moment of freedom to run wild and have fun outside the stuffy confines of a classroom.
Saturday, June 10 is a good time for youth up to age 15 to find their way to the Wigwam School Access, off Webb Loop in the Ivy Bend area. That morning, children in three age classes will compete in a fishing tournament – age 5 and younger starting 8 a.m., age 6-10 starting 10 a.m., and age 11-15 starting noon. Registration is $5 per child, and bait is included.
By “make the most,” for some of you, that means “earn as much pocket money as you can.”
There might still be room for more service providers in the market for mowing, trimming, raking, and weeding, so I suppose there’s almost no need to suggest that avenue for making summer bucks.
I wonder how many working parents with younger children would be thrilled to hear from a responsible teenager willing to put in some babysitting shifts during the summer.
Another temporary career field that might fit your lifestyle is walking dogs. Just the other night, I was approached by a big, frisky mutt, as I was walking home from a late fit of writing at the newspaper office. He was most definitely not leashed or curbed. He kept jumping up and trying to give me a kiss on the lips. I should have been flattered, but I was too tired.
As an alternative to letting their dogs exercise themselves, at large in the city streets by night or day, some local pet owners might be willing to pay an enterprising kid to let their animal drag him or her around town on a leash. Note, you might need to provide your own leash.
If a way to spend time is needed more than a way to earn money, there are always volunteering jobs.
If that sounds like you, maybe you could start by asking at City Hall about picking up fallen tree branches at the park to help the mowers, or collecting litter off the sidewalks.
Someone at Golden Age Living Center might be able to suggest a good deed you could do, such as pulling weeds, washing windows, sweeping a sidewalk, or helping a resident read or write a letter.
The 2017 Stover Fair is right around the corner. Ask a member of the fair board whether they need a runner to carry messages, or a note-taker to help record drawing winners or pedal-pull lengths.
Who knows? Maybe a little hard work will make the summer seem longer. Plus, your sweat might make a difference.