The Stover City Council passed an ordinance Monday, May 22 appointing the Hon. Stephen Grantham judge of the city’s municipal court.
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens officially appointed Grantham judge of Morgan County’s associate circuit court Thursday, May 18, following the retirement of the Hon. Kevin Schehr at the end of April.
Schehr had also served as Stover municipal judge.
Tobacco Free Youth
Three representatives of Morgan County R-I School’s Tobacco Free Youth group made a presentation to the council about the health risks of secondhand tobacco smoke.
Eighth-grader Grace Unger, freshman Zach Estes, and sophomore Lena Hinck said their goal was to encourage the city to adopt a smoke-free policy in local places of business.
Traffic around GALC
City residents Travis Elledge, who lives on East Third Street near the Golden Age Living Center, and Evelyn Elledge, who lives on Elm Street, spoke to the city council about traffic going to and from the living center.
They said they have seen vehicles “flying down the hill” on Third Street, or failing to stop at the stop sign on Elm. They voiced a concern about the safety of children playing in the neighborhood.
Mayor Brenda Steffens said she would discuss the issue with the living center’s administration.
Park board
Stover Park Board president Mike Walker said the park board would like to have a co-ed adult softball league in the park from the third week of July through the second week of September.
Walker asked the council to waive the license fees to allow the park board to sell beer during scheduled games, to raise funds to build new public bathrooms at the ball field.
“It’s the quickest way I know to make money,” said Walker, explaining the beer would be sold by the cup or pitcher. Drinking would be contained within the ballpark area.
Walker said this will not conflict with the youth sports season, which ends in late June. He said there four or five teams in Versailles and two or three in Laurie have expressed interest, and a couple teams from Stover will probably participate.
The council approved a motion by alderman Marsha Walters to give the park board advance approval for the license waiver, and to prepare a letter to the state supporting the board’s application for a liquor license.
Walters asked Walker for details about the park board’s plans to accommodate a group of motorcyclists who plan to stop Saturday, June 24 in Stover. Walker said the board is planning to serve a picnic-style lunch.
Walker also noted a park board meeting is scheduled 6 p.m. Thursday, May 25 in the Stover city park.
Fair board
Stover Fair Board president Marty Weber said work has progressed smoothly in preparation for the 2017 Stover Fair.
He said the expanded midway area has been graded, and the board is hoping to put down a stroller- and wheelchair-friendly surface either this year or next year, depending on their budget.
Weber asked the city council to pre-approve a fair board proposal, contingent on park board approval, to install permanent gateposts on each side of Legion Drive, along the ditch north of the helicopter pad, to allow temporary gates to close the park to vehicle traffic during the fair.
The gates would be manned throughout the fair, Weber said, and would be removed and stored the rest of the year.
City maintenance supervisor Nick Dothage said this would not be a problem, provided the posts are painted a bright color and are placed at least two or three feet clear of the drive, to facilitate winter plowing.
The council approved a motion by Walters to waive the business license fees for vendors at the 2017 Stover Fair.
Public works
Dothage said the Missouri Department of Natural Resources gave the city a 90-day extension for repairs to the downtown water tower, due to the contractor’s hardship resulting from recent flooding. The contractor, who lives in Van Buren, lost his home in the floods.
Dothage said water and sewer testing continues to go well, and Meco Engineering has been in town several days this month to inspect sewer lines for evidence of inflow/infiltration.
He said maintenance personnel have been busy hauling dirt and rock to the park for the fair midway, and this work will continue for the next three weeks.
Police report
Alderman Cody Worthley read the report of absent Police Chief Trampus Jackson. Jackson said weed and grass summons have been issued to the few residents who did not comply with warnings.
He reported the Stover Police Department recently hosted an active shooter “tabletop exercise” at Morgan County R-I School. Personnel from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, the Cole Camp Police Department, Mid-Mo Ambulance, the Stover Rural Fire Protection District, Morgan County 9-1-1, and MCR-I participated in what Jackson hopes will be the first of a semi-monthly tabletop exercise. He also plans to invite St. Paul Lutheran School personnel in the future.
Jackson noted he attended a training that qualifies him to serve as a firearms instructor both for the city’s police officers and at the new police academy the sheriff’s office is hosting.
He said his department is still shorthanded and looking for someone to fill a vacant officer position.
Jackson reported two new tires were bought for patrol vehicle 403, but two more will be needed soon. The windshield on 403 needs to be replaced, and the windshield on vehicle 401 needs to be repaired.
He noted an extra officer was put on a recent funeral detail due to the larger number of people and motorcycles attending. An officer spoke with some of the participants about the need to stop doing burnouts. No further problems were reported.
City clerk
City clerk Sharon Fry said there was nothing new to report about the city’s purchase of the former Great Southern Bank building in Stover. The loan paperwork is still in process.
At Fry’s prompting, the council planned a budget workshop 6:30 p.m. Monday, June 5.
The council consented to Fry’s request to close city hall Friday, June 16, so she can attend a free software class in Blue Springs.
In other business, Steffens showed the aldermen a design for the “Home of Shelly Bush” sign that Woody and Shirley Bush plan to install at the city limits.
Steffens also discussed the plans for a group of volunteers from Osage Hills Church in Osage Beach to visit MCR-I Saturday, July 29 and work on the playground, the ballfield bathrooms and bleachers, and some tree-trimming. Dothage said he would have no problem with the volunteers doing this.
The next Stover City Council meeting is scheduled 6:30 p.m. Monday, June 19 at Stover City Hall.

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