by Kerry Hampy
Funeral services for Lenny Simkin were Saturday, Oct. 14 at the Heckart Funeral Home in Sedalia. Burial was at the Smithton cemetery. Lenny was awarded the Purple Heart during World War II.
A large crowd attended the chili and soup lunch and Lord’s Acre sale Saturday, Oct. 14 at Florence Methodist Church.
Scott and Rebecca Hofstetter, San Diego, Calif., are parents of a son Reiken Charles, born Tuesday, Oct. 3. Paternal grandparents are David and Cheri Hofstetter.
The Rev. Bill Siebert and Allen and Joyce Zimmerschied were visitors last week of David and Cheri Hofstetter.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill McCoy and family, Don McCoy, Jacob and Karen Nolting, Frances Starke, Chris and Ashley Witte and son Elliott were Sunday, Oct. 15 dinner guests of John and Ginny Starke.
Geneva Hampy and Kerry Hampy were lunch guests of Rudy and Lillian Rehmer Saturday, Oct. 14 at the North 65 Cafe in Sedalia.
Earl and Glenda Finley, Geneva Hampy, Kerry Hampy, Lois Hoehns, Dave and Liz Niebruegge, daughters Codee and Reese, Mark and Kathy Teter, and Marcie Teter were Sunday, Oct. 15 dinner guests of Brent and Connie Hampy. They celebrated Brent’s birthday.
Kevin and Bobbi Dittmer hosted a 15th birthday party for their daughter Abby Saturday, Oct. 14. Family and friends attended.
Darrell Woolery, Erma Woolery, and Samantha Woolery had lunch Sunday, Oct. 15 at Bobbio’s Pizza in Tipton.
Tom and Kim Brady of Pekin, Ill., Jerry Connor, Bob Hock, and Sarah Iwanow had lunch Sunday, Oct. 15 at Isle of Capri in Boonville.
Erma Woolery visited Peggy Allen Saturday, Oct. 14.
Betty Woodall visited Frances Antione Saturday, Oct. 14 in Sedalia. They had lunch at Perkin’s.
There were 18 people who enjoyed game night Friday, Oct. 13 at the Otterville Senior Center.
Bill and Rita McNeal had lunch Sunday, Oct. 15 at Isle of Capri in Boonville.

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