by Kerry Hampy
Seth and Jennifer Hofstetter and son Layne were Saturday, June 17 visitors of David and Cheri Hofstetter.
Michelle Hofstetter and daughter Emalie, and Allen and Joyce Zimmerschied were Sunday, June 18 visitors of David and Cheri Hofstetter.
Mike and Deana Hancock, children Sidney, Cassie, and Caleb of Fishers, Ind., Michelle Paris of Hale, and Diane Stonum of Lathrop were Sunday, June 18 dinner guests of Lloyd and Ellen Bremer.
Betty Woodall was among 10 retired J.C. Penney employees who had breakfast Monday, June 12 at Perkins in Sedalia.
Mary Goode, June Fowler, Joyce Lily, and Betty Woodall had lunch Wednesday, June 14 at Players Restaurant in Warrensburg. They celebrated June and Joyce’s birthdays.
Robbie Woodall and sons Corbin and Trenton were Sunday, June 18 lunch guests of Betty Woodall.
Frances Starke and Erma Woolery had lunch Sunday, June 18 at Bobbio’s Pizza in Tipton.
Bob Hock spent Tuesday, June 13 through Friday, June 16 in Las Vegas, Nev.
Jerry Connor and Ron Proehl of Versailles had lunch Thursday, June 15 at Calgaro’s Pizza in Cole Camp.
Sarah Ivanov and Terry and Monica Jones were Saturday, June 17 dinner guests of Jerry Connor.
Whitney and Dale Rupe spent Saturday, June 18 with their grandparents Bob and Peggy Rupe.
Dylan Wittman, Greg and Amy Wittman and daughters Paige and Jenna were Sunday, June 18 dinner guests of Linda Dittmer.
Candy Hampy of Liberty, Debbie Williamson, and Emery Williamson of Cole Camp were Thursday, June 15 lunch guests of Geneva Hampy.
Ron and Maggie Oehrke, Marisa Oehrke, and Megan Oehrke were Sunday, June 18 visitors of Tom Kennedy in Marshall.
There were 11 people who enjoyed a card party Friday, June 16 at the Ringen Community Center.

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