by Stacey Embry,Director, Morgan County Library

The week after summer reading program (SRP) was spent catching our breath. Wednesday morning rolled around and we had 11 kids for story time. Keep in mind we averaged more than 80 children per event for the last nine weeks, so 11 was kind of a big deal. Well, actually it was a small deal. By the next Monday, I actually heard some of my staff commenting about how quiet it was. They missed the craziness of SRP. The next Wednesday arrived and we had 31 kids for story time.  We were worn out by SRP, but missed it when it was over. The library is still experiencing growing pains and I am still adjusting to my job as director. I love developing programs and pursuing grants. I like being busy. With that being said, I have to watch myself. Remember, I am a mess: I have anxiety issues, I have control issues, I am reactionary and according to my mom, I go at things like I am killing snakes. If I can keep these lovely personal traits in balance, I can get stuff done. Growing pains are fine. No pain, no gain, right?  Balance, I am working on it. I recently checked out Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. This book is chock full of insights from various individuals who Ferriss has interviewed in the past, “billionaires, icons, and world-class performers.” It is an interesting book that is divided into three sections: healthy, wealthy and wise. I am currently working through the healthy section. Tim Ferriss is known as the “human guinea pig.” So yes, he has tried almost everything and, no, I will not. Some information is for me, some is not. The hallucinogens he uses to “clear” his mind? NO. The apple cider vinegar? Why not? The mediation? Sure.  This last week, I have been using a meditation app. So far, so good. In the moments where things start going from productive and forward thinking to manic and out of control, I pause and reflect about what I am learning through my three minute morning meditation. Breath in, breath out.  The library is in constant movement. The collection moves like an accordion; books in, books out. New patrons join weekly, while some patrons never return. One week we have 11 kids at story time, the next we have 31. Some days people are gracious and easy to work with, some weeks not so much. Some programs are successful; some dwindle away or just crash and burn. All this is fine. The library is a living creature, it breaths in and out.  We are documenting our numbers and will be tweaking our programming to reflect the data received. We will try some things that work for our community, but we will not be Tim Ferriss, not everything is for us. We will get things done, but will strive for balance.  With all that being said, August activities continue. Wednesday, Aug. 16, we are making solar viewers for the eclipse. Monday, Aug. 21, we will enjoy the eclipse with sidewalk chalk, moon pies, solar viewers, and solar eclipse glasses. The library will be closed during part of the event (the time will be posted). This is a big deal and we want everyone outside to enjoy it. Saturday, Aug. 26 will be farmers’ market and Tuesday, Aug. 29, Wolfner Library will be here. I will share more about this next week.  Be sure to check out our front display case this month, Susan Kirkpatrick has a wonderful display about Lake of the Ozarks.  I love that we have activities to share with you and growing is not always painful. We have caught our breath and I am working on being more mindful of my own.  For more information, visit the Morgan County Library, 600 N. Hunter, in Versailles; call 573-378-5319; or see the library’s website at Library hours are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

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