By R.D. Fish

Now that the 2017 Stover Fair has gone into memory, it’s a good time to consider what was memorable about it.
It was the first Stover Fair since 2014 that had a Stover Queen contest. Previous winner Allison Ehlers passed the crown that has been hers these last three years to 16-year-old dancing sensation Lena Hinck.
The Stover Fair board, hosting the event, emphasized the generous prize packages the contestants received, especially the winner. Make a mental note, teenage girls of the Morgan County R-I School District: competing in next year’s Stover Fair queen contest would be well worth your while.
It was the second year in a row Police Chief Trampus Jackson took home the Walk Like a Man prize, after shaking his booty more zestfully, and solving a game of “Operation” more creatively, than the other three competitors.
It was the year the previously successful greased pig contest had to be canceled due to a shortage of available porcine talent; but, to make up for it, a petting zoo appeared out of nowhere, full of cuddly lambs, hand-feedable ducks and chickens, and a couple of goats with only a slight tendency to head-butt people who stopped feeding them. Not too hard, though.
It was also the year the week of the fair brought high winds and heavy rainstorms, causing power outages throughout the area both Wednesday and Friday night. There are also reports that Stover had a brief outage Sunday night. These blackouts didn’t affect the fair, fortunately.
The rain probably did play a role in canceling one of the Stover Fair’s most popular attractions, the garden tractor pull. The track was simply too muddy Saturday to risk it, especially after last year’s experience when overcast skies slowed the drying process after the track was hosed down.
Longtime Stover Fair vendor Greg “Cool Breeze” Cheevers not only sold temporary tattoos and airbrush face paint, but he also brought a laser tag booth that, judging by the background noise during Saturday’s Moonlight Horizon concert, did pretty good business. Cheevers also won the “ugliest car” award at the Stover Fair car show, and if memory serves, it wasn’t his first time.
The kids’ pedal pull had a good turnout, especially in the littlest weight class, which had 18 children pulling for all they were worth. Now a 32-year tradition, the pedal pull is certainly one way we’re “keeping it country” in Stover.
I thank everyone who cooperated with being photographed during the fair, whether your picture made it into this week’s paper or not. If they didn’t, don’t worry. It’s the fun, not the photo, that makes the memory.

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