From the files of The Morgan County Press

March 11, 1927
About 4 o’clock, the citizens of Cole Camp were aroused by church the ringing of church bells and of their telephones, the operator saying “Tietjen’s jewelry store is on fire.” About 3:30, Sylvester Stone, sleeping over the Farmers’ Poultry Exchange, was awakened by smoke in his room. Hastily dressing, he ran to the telephone and roused the operator Miss Dorothy Conlin, and together they went to the building and saw smoke in the store of Ernest J. Tietjen. The loss is estimated at several thousand dollars.
March 5, 1937
Mrs. Anton Ehlers entertained at her home Tuesday afternoon in honor of her mother, Mrs. Law, who was 72 years old that day. The afternoon was spent in pleasant conversation, poems were also read by Mrs. Prewitt, Mrs. John Viebrock, and Mrs. Gigstad. Little Valeta Viebrock, age 6, sang two songs after which all joined in singing “Abide With Me” and “Blessed Be the Tie.”
March 7, 1947
Miss Betty Coit who has been enrolled at C.M.S.T.C. at Warrensburg the past semester, has accepted the secretary duties at the Stover High School.
Who is the hardest working business man in Stover? It’s probably H.F. Bauer, and Mr. Bauer is also one of the eldest of Stover business men. He was 72 last Friday, Feb. 28.
March 7, 1957
The Rev. and Mrs. John Fajen and daughter Katherine Marie will leave the United States the latter part of this week for Nigeria, Africa. The Rev. Fajen is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto J. Fajen of Stover. He will spend three years in Nigeria as a missionary for the Missouri Lutheran Church.
A fine string of fish was caught last Friday, March 1, at Hiawatha Beach, south of Stover, by Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fajen and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meyer.
March 9, 1967
Plans are underway to add 10 rooms to the Golden Age Nursing Home in Stover. The addition of 10 rooms will provide for 19 beds, and the construction will extend from the southeast wing. The 19 beds will make the home a 60-bed facility which will then be comparable in size to other new nursing homes in central Missouri.
March 9, 1977
Over 100 persons crowded the basement hall of Christ Lutheran Church Monday evening, Feb. 28 to watch the running of the annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Results of the Stover Pinewood Derby were first place trophy to Danny Cox; second place trophy to Darrin Grunewald; bronze scout medal and bicentennial silver dollar for third place to Michael Buckler; fourth place to Brian Peterson, who was the first place trophy winner in 1976.
March 11, 1987
Wilbanks Restaurant re-opened Feb. 28 after being closed three weeks for remodeling. The restaurant, located on Highway 52 in Stover, is owned and managed by Joe and Ernie Wilbanks of Stover. The Wilbanks have operated the restaurant for seven years. Joe said they opened the dining area for better use of space. Now completed, the remodeled restaurant is more attractive and convenient for customers.
March 5, 1997
Dustin Lee and Billie Jo Hunter of Stover are the parents of their second child, a son born 5:22 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 15, 1997 at University Hospital and Clinics in Columbia. The baby weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and has been named Nathan Andrew. He had one brother, Dustin Lee II, 4.
March 7, 2007
Golden Age Living Center board members regretfully accepted the resignation of Stanley S. Merriott, board president, at their meeting Tuesday, Feb. 27. Health reasons were listed as the reason for Merriott’s resignation. Merriott served on the board for approximately 18 years and served as president for about 16 of those years. The appointment of Pastor Cecil Murdock to finish out Merriott’s term on the board was approved.

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