October 14, 1927
Myron Dwight was awarded fourth prize in the 1927 Missouri State Fair Baby Health contest. He has been quite a husky boy from birth, but because his birth was not recorded with the State Board of Health, his rank in the contest was reduced from second place to fourth place. The State Board of Health is making quite an effort to have all births registered. Parents can obtain valuable information by having their children examined in the health contest each year at the Missouri State Fair.

October 8, 1937
The High Prairie PTA met Friday, Sept. 24, with 20 present. During the business session it was decided to obtain a Community Traveling Library consisting of 65 volumes. H.D. Tambke, Elizabeth and Robert Kraxberger sang several songs. Mrs. O.M. Kraxberger gave an article from the August issue of the P.T.A. magazine. J.B. Parker and Howard Argenbright furnished some music. H.H. Tambke and B.E. Argenbright were appointed for the program committee.

October 10, 1947
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hagedorn were very much surprised Oct. 1 when about 50 of their relatives and friends gathered at their home to help them celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. All of their children were home to help them celebrate with the exception of one daughter, Mrs. Kammeyer of Concordia, and son Sgt. Marcus Hagedorn who is in Texas. The Hagedorns received very nice gifts. At a late hour, sandwiches, coffee, cake, and fruit salad were served. All enjoyed the evening.

October 10, 1957
The Chevrolet car taken from the Jim Young Service Station in Stover Thursday night of last week has not been recovered. The car was a 1949 dark green two-door. It was parked beside the station at closing time Thursday night. The key was in Young’s pocket, but the car had a two-way switch. A hitch hiker who was near the station late at night is suspected.

October 12, 1967
If you are one of those individuals who has become a little disgruntled over being jarred back into reality most every evening by a sonic boom, get used to them, because they are going to continue through Dec. 31. The creator of these sonic booms is the B-58 Hustler, the fastest free-world bomber. Supersonic training flights are being made by the Strategic Air-Command at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska on a line from Elk Falls, Kan. to Eolia, near St. Louis. The flights pass over Missouri cities of Appleton City, Tipton, and Wellsville.

October 12, 1977
Loren Boatright of Stover will be among the 148 veteran Missouri State Highway Department employees being honored Wednesday at the Highway Commission’s 33rd annual service awards luncheon in Jefferson City. Boatright is one of 17 employees from District Five.

October 14, 1987
Gaining control over one’s weight and food intake is challenging but changes can be made and stresses in life do not have to add bulges to your waist. Stressbusters to combat the problem include learning to live in the present instead of the past, accept what you cannot change about your life, give yourself permission to rest and relax, and find ways to feed yourself in non-food ways.

October 8, 1997
Micah and Lisa Uptergrove of Tipton are the parents of a daugther born at University Hospital in Columbia. She weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces and has been named Mallory Breann. Maternal grandparents are Ronnie and Dianne Conner of Stover. Maternal great-grandparents are Elvan and Ruth Wahlers; and Bertha and the late A. O. Conner, all of Stover. Paternal grandparents are Larry and Marilyn Uptergrove of Leeton. Paternal great-grandmother is Virginia Dunnaway of Laurie.

October 10, 2007
Nicole Farr, 15, a freshman at Morgan County R-I High School in Stover decided she wanted to help babies by hosting a fundraiser for March of Dimes. Nicole and her father, Frank Farr, rode in Bikers for Babies Ride Saturday, Sept. 22 in Sedalia, where more than 400 motorcyclists from across mid-Missouri participated in the annual 100-mile bike rally that began in Sedalia and ended in Boonville.

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