June 10, 1927
The steel bridge over Richland creek at Adolph Kroeschen’s is now complete and in use. This bridge, the steel work of which was completed several years ago, could not be used because the county court had no title to the site and could not get the approaches built. Judge Klein has brought about the settlement of the matter and has just had the fills put in.
June 4, 1937
There are nine wolves less in the vicinity of the Lake Creek Church as a result of the wolf-killing efforts of John Grother and other Lake Creek citizens. Two large, old wolves and seven young were killed. The litter destroyed was unusually large, containing eight pups. One of them was purchased by Ed Kipp, the Stover butler. Ed is going to train it to keep the dogs away from his back door.
June 6, 1947
In a double wedding Sunday, May 25 on the lawn of their rural home, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Wilson were married; Miss Stella Don Wilson to James W. Garrison of Kansas City; and Miss Juanita Wilson to Eugene Taylor of Stover. Mrs. Garrison was attired in a street length dress of white and her sister’s dress was identical, except for the color, which was blue. Both had black and white accessories and corsages of red roses.
June 6, 1957
No one drowned and no houses or bridges were washed away at Stover Tuesday forenoon, but the rain storm was the next thing to a cloud burst. Stover received 3-1/2 inches of water in about two hours time. With the sewer building going on, the streets had to be closed in places due to half-filled trenches.
June 8, 1967
Construction of the Missouri Utilities natural gas line to Stover was started May 24, according to information released by Blaine Stafford, district manager. This transmission line is coming from High Point, through Versailles, and then on to Stover. For the major part of the way, it will follow the highway, but in some instances will be placed through private right-of-way.
June 8, 1977
Substituting wheat for corn without reducing the rate of gain does offer the potential of reducing feed costs in feeding hogs. When corn is worth $2.20 at the farm; wheat is worth up to $2.80 per bushel – 60 to 75 cents per bushel more than it is expected to cost on the farm during wheat harvest. This means wheat will be a bargain compared to corn for hog producers.
June 10, 1987
According to Melvin Dale, a member of the Stover Lions Club will be visiting door to door beginning 7 p.m. Monday, June 15 collecting contributions for cystic fibrosis, the number one inherited killer of children and young adults in the United States. Research has led to more effective treatment which has helped increase life expectancy for people with cystic fibrosis from less than six months in 1953, to nearly 21 years today.
June 4, 1997
Local students recently participated in the Missouri Baptist Convention Children’s Keyboard Festival at First Baptist Church in Jefferson City. Lily and Megan Alley attend Faith Baptist Church in Camdenton. They are the daughters of Gary and Kim Alley of Stover and are piano students of Shelby Siegel of Florence.
June 6, 2007
A fire that started sometime in the night destroyed machinery and a pole barn at a farm owned by Milferd and Brian Nolting on Richland Road Monday, May 28. Following an inspection by a fire marshal, it is believed the fire may have started from a bearing on the baler or the tractor that was used to bale hay the evening before.

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