June 17, 1927
Look to your accessories today to be distinctive, is the advice of Claire Windsor, the movie star, whose clothes are always in perfect taste, both in her pictures and in private life. Miss Windsor plays a Crinoline maid in “The Bugle Call,” her latest picture.
June 11, 1937
The present invasion of the army worm started in the southern part of the state and is quickly sweeping northward, stripping pastures and small grains. Barley fields are suffering a great deal. Where the pest is abundant, migration from devastated fields to corn, oats, and other crops may be expected. The poison mash suggested is the same that is recommended for poisoning grasshoppers: 100 pounds of bran, one to two gallons blackstrap molasses, 1/2 gallon sodium arsenite, and about seven gallons of water.
June 13, 1947
Merlin Wittrock, 16-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wittrock who went to Chicago at the close of Stover high school, is working himself right in with those city folks. He got a good job right off, and one night last week he led an orchestra at the Chicago Theatre. He led the Sammy Kay Orchestra and won two prizes, a battoon and two show passes.
June 13, 1957
Miss Wilma Kipp and Mr. Calvin Balke will exchange marriage vows 2 p.m. Sunday, June 23 in a public ceremony at Christ Lutheran Church in Stover. Open house will be 8 p.m. at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kipp of Stover.
June 15, 1967
Telephone service to Ivy Bend will come from the Gravois Mills exchange, and the project is expected to be completed in spring 1968. It is the opinion of citizens of the Ivy Bend area that the Gravois Mills exchange would be more desirable to the residents of Ivy Bend than the Sunrise Beach exchange. The most desirable, of course, would be through Stover, but since the local telephone company is unable to handle the additional service, the next best step is Gravois Mills.
June 15, 1977
Cub Scouts will put up flags at business places July 4 and leave them in brackets for business people to remove because the fee arrangement for such service has expired. The arrangement was between the Boy Scout Troop and business people, but getting the flags up and down was left to the scoutmaster. The arrangement started as a means of the Troop to earn money. The flags will now become the property of the business people.
June 17, 1987
Pack 23 Cub Scouts recently had their annual physical fitness contest at Stover Memorial Park. The contest consisted of the 50-yard dash, sit-ups, push-ups, standing long jump, and softball throw. Receiving trophies for first place were Brian Capps, 10-year-old division; Chas Pendleton, 9-year-old division; and Michael Goetze, 8-year-old division.
June 11, 1997
We would like to welcome new residents to Ivy Bend from Marin County, Calif. They are Patty and Billy Freeman and their children, Jessie, Eric, and Andy. They are the family of Billy and Sharon Jolly.
June 13, 2007
Megan Rowland received the Seventh-Semester Student Award for Overall Excellence at the MU Sinclair School of Nursing’s annual spring banquet April 13. She is the daughter of Myron and Brenda Fischer of Stover.

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