October 7, 1927
The principle health value in driving an automobile is that driving furnishes a form of exercise that is difficult to obtain outside a gymnasium. Dr. Henry Smith Williams, of the National Committee of Mental Hygiene, says that driving as an exercise is better than walking because in walking, only the leg muscles are exercised. In driving, the important muscles of the trunk are stimulated. Driving an automobile produces a healthy, confident mental attitude.
October 1, 1937
Dedication of the Hurricane Deck bridge across the Lake on State Highway No. 5 has ben officially set for Sunday, Oct. 3, by the county court of Camden County. Senator Harry S. Truman and Governor Lloyd C. Stark are scheduled to speak at the dedication.
October 3, 1947
Next year, fisherman won’t have to carry a ruler with them to the creek to catch a mess of fish. The Missouri Conservation Commission recently announced anglers may keep all the fish they catch, regardless of length. Minimum lengths will be removed on all fish except channel catfish taken commercially which will continue to need to be at least 15 inches long to be taken. This year, black bass had to be 10 inches long and jack salmon (wall-eyed pike) had to be at least 13 inches long to be taken.
October 3, 1957
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Holsten are proud parents of a baby girl, born at the Charles E. Still Hospital at Jefferson City, Sept. 27. The baby weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces.
The work of moving the TCR office and shop to a new location has about been completed. Most everything has been taken into the building at the west end of Business Row in Stover.
October 5, 1967
Our old friend Joe Glutz was expounding at great length at the bar and grill about the many expressions used by the hippie generation, such as “bum trip,” “blow your mind,” “freak out,” and “turn on.” Joe said he wouldn’t be mind being turned on, but for years he’s been unable to find the switch.
October 5, 1977
Stover Scout Troop 23 participated in the Lake District Fall Camporee near Warsaw last weekend and of the 10 troops present, Stover ranked number one. Participating from Stover were Mike Burris, Tom Merriott, Shawn Petersen, and Eric Sutton. Noel Petersen was the adult leader. Eighty-five boys attended including other troops from Tipton, California, Camdenton, Clarksburg, Windsor, Macks Creek, Warsaw, and Eldon.
October 7, 1987
“I wish I was still there,” 15-year-old Mary Beth Taylor says, recalling her summer trip to Japan. Mary Beth, a sophomore at Morgan County R-I School, spent six weeks of her summer with two families in Japan as a part of the Lions Club International youth exchange program. Mary Beth is the daughter of Steve and Sylvia Taylor of Stover.
October 1, 1997
Stover Boy Scout Troop 23 did their good deed Friday by raking and picking up rocks in Stover Legion Memorial Park near the new Stover Community Center. Boy Scouts who helped with the project were Jason Hancock, Andrew Gaylord, Dustin Harris, Cory Reed, Robert Eldridge, Forrest Hancock, Daniel Welpman, Al Gaylord, Troy Nairn, Bryan Rumans, Willy Graham, and Scout Leader Linda Hancock.
October 3, 2007
Casey’s General Store is uniting with businesses across the country to fight childhood cancer through the 16th annual Halloween Promotion benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. Employees at the Casey’s General Store in Stover will be pumping gas 2 to 6 p.m. on Fridays for donations to St. Jude’s. Patrons will be asked to donate $1 to St. Jude in exchange to write their names on pumpkin-themed pinups to be displayed through Halloween.

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