Siegel attends Missouri Leadership Seminar
by Brenda Steffens
Director of Communications
The Missouri Leadership Seminar is a great experience for high school students to discover their leadership potential.
June 5 and 6, Ethan Siegel, a senior at MCR-1, had the opportunity to attend this seminar. Siegel is the son of John and Melissa Siegel. He was chosen to attend this seminar for his leadership skills. The seminar was held virtual due to COVID.
The mission of the Missouri Leadership Seminar “is to empower young adults to expand their minds and be truer to themselves so they can develop into leaders who change lives and make a positive difference in their communities and the world.”
The seminar was conducted over Zoom with approximately 150 juniors and seniors taking part.
Siegel stated, “There were several activities that we did throughout the weekend. One was a breakout session which involved getting into small groups and acting out particular everyday problems.” Through these small groups, the students were able to recognize their strengths, their leadership potential, and improve their communication skills and critical thinking skills.
He felt the best part of camp was the group time they had where he met other students and got to know them better. Siegel said from attending this seminar he knows what type of leader he is and can use that to better himself and others in the future.
“It was a great experience and I encourage other students to attend if given the chance.”
Thank you, Ethan, for representing MCR-1!