by District 58 State Representative David Wood

I was a little nostalgic last week about the Chiefs being in the Super Bowl and I mentioned that Chuck Pryor would be coming to the Capitol to testify on one of my bills; but I didn’t know the two stories would combine this week as Chuck brought his son Dustin along with him to the Capitol. I think everyone knows by now that the Pryor men were invited to attend the Super Bowl and other events after Heidi Rayl got the movement started.
It is an amazing story and I was able to share the details with the House of Representatives during session Tuesday while Dustin was able to stand on the dais with the Speaker of the House for special introductions. We then went to Lt. Gov.Mike Kehoe’s office so Dustin could be introduced in the Senate. Dustin waited patiently as Chuck testified on my bill and then they went to visit with Gov. Mike Parson. Being a celebrity is very hard work, so Chuck took Dustin to Longhorn Steak House for a big meal to finish the day.
My bills requiring schools to educate students about vaping and prohibiting vaping on school property will have a hearing this week. The most exciting part for me is the two groups of students that are coming to testify for them in committee. I believe the best way for students to learn about our government is to be involved and participate in the process. It is a rare opportunity for students to be part of changing our laws and the future of our 6.5 million citizens. Requiring school districts to educate students on the effects of vaping could save lives and it is cool that a couple of teenagers could be responsible for making this happen.
Social media can be a blessing and it can also be a curse. I have enjoyed being able to stay in contact with family and friends from all around the world. I wish there was a way to filter everything on the internet so all lies and misrepresentations could be automatically blocked. So far, that technology doesn’t exist. When individuals create a link to me from some of these ridiculous articles and want me to respond, I typically leave it alone. When I respond to the false story, everyone who is connected to my account sees the misinformation as well; so I chose not to increase the distribution of fake news. My contact information is at the end of every Capitol Report if you have questions about my stance on any issue.
In case anyone would like to watch what happens in the Missouri House of Representatives, all you have to do is go to the website,, and click the video link. All of our floor debate and committee hearings are now livestreamed as they happen and most of them are also archived for later viewing. This has proven to be a very useful tool for those who want to follow legislation, but don’t have the ability to come to Jefferson City. I don’t know how many government classes are using this link, but it might be a good exercise for them to compare what the textbook says to what really happens.
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please let me know at 573-751-2077 or email

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