The Morgan County Commission Tuesday, June 12, opened bids for culverts and grader blades from several bidders.
Culvert bids ranged from 15-inch diameter at $9.74 for galvanized and $10.02 for aluminized to 48-inch diameter at $37.45 for galvanized to $38.54 for aluminized. Voting on the bids was tabled for further review.
Grader blade bids were also opened. Several companies submitted bids including:
Heavyquip: $10,744.50 for heat treated 5/8 bolt hole and $8,378.50 for carbon 3/4 bolt hole.
Dowd Supply: $10,335 for 5/8 bolt holes and $7,950 for 3/4 bolt holes.
Viebrock Sales & Service: $8,450 for 5/8 bolt hole, curved double bevel, high carbon; $8,450 for 3/4 bolt hole, curved double bevel, high carbon; $9,490 for 5/8 bolt hole curved double bevel (max temp); $9,490 for 3/4 bolt hole curved double bevel (max temp); $9,659 for 5/8 bolt hole curved single bevel, high carbon; $9,659 for 3/4 bolt hole curved single bevel high carbon.
Diesel Track Service: $8,060 for 5/8 bolt hole carbon; $9,360 for 5/8 bolt hole heat treated; $8,060 for 3/4 bolt hole carbon; $9,360 for 3/4 bolt hole heat treated.
Wear Parts: $9,033 for 5/8 bolt hole heat treated; $8,408 for 5/8 bolt hole high carbon; $9,033 for 3/4 bolt hole heat treated $8,408 for 3/4 bolt hole high carbon.
Martin Equipment: $10,270 for 5/8 bolt hole heat treated double bevel blades.
Foley Equipment: $8,112 for 5/8 bolt hole; $8,112 3/4 bolt hole.
Decision about the blade bids was tabled until the next scheduled meeting.
Opioid lawsuit considered
Morgan County Prosecuting Attorney Dustin Dunklee, appeared before the Commission along with John M. Eccher and Paige Sparks with Eccher Law Group.
Eccher was present to solicit the Commission to adopt an ordinance declaring that opioids are a nuisance in Morgan County. Eccher said his law firm is able to represent local governments and to ensure they each are justly compensated for the public health crisis and costs imposed on them by the manufacturers and distributors of opioids.
By filing a class-action law suit against distributors and manufacturers on behalf of Morgan County, the Eccher Law Firm, if successful, could recover money for damages that include costs for providing treatment of infants born with opioid-related medical conditions, costs for providing welfare or protective services for children whose parents suffer from opioid-related disability or incapacitation, and costs directly associated with law enforcement and public safety relating to the opioid epidemic.
The lawsuit will also seek to recover the funds the community has already spent addressing the opioid crisis. If Morgan County would be awarded any money, the law firm would retain 25 percent. Presiding Commissioner James Bryant said he would review the information presented and reply.
Hazard mitigation plan
The commission passed a resolution stating Morgan County has adopted a Hazard Mitigation Plan prepared in accordance with FEMA requirements and resolves to work with Morgan County Emergency Management to implement the plan.
Inmate fund disbursement
The Inmate Prisoner Detainee Security Fund disbursement line item was amended from $80,000 to $130,000 per Sheriff Norman Dills approval.
The next meeting of the Morgan County Commision is scheduled 10 a.m. Wednesday, June 27 at the courthouse in Versailles.

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