Ivy Bend fire to have Christmas store

For children of Ivy Bend A Christmas store for the children of Ivy Bend is scheduled 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 20 at Fire Station 1 in Ivy Bend. The Ivy Bend Fire and Rescue board discussed plans for the event at its Wednesday, Dec. 6 meeting. It was noted volunteers are needed for the store,

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Associate Circuit Court

Zachary Ryan Baker, April 25, possession of marijuana/synthetic cannabinoid of 10 grams or less, two days jail, $118.50 costs, $300 C.L.E.R.F., jail bill and fine waived by judicial order. Misty Diane Baldwin, Oct. 21, failed to equip vehicle with muffler, adequate muffler, properly attached muffler, $118.50 costs, $25 County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund (C.L.E.R.F.), $56.50

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