Capitol Report
by District 58 State Representative David Wood

I will start by explaining the legislature’s action for a special session that occurred last week. This is not an impeachment proceeding. By calling the special session, it will allow the special investigative committee time to sort through all of the evidence and testimony. The committee will decide if there is reason for impeachment proceedings and, if not, then the process ends. If they do find reason for the impeachment to continue, then they will file a bill to be voted on by the House of Representatives in the Special Session that will require the Senate to select seven judges to determine if the governor should be impeached or not. The special session simply extends the time for us to make the right decision.

This has never been done before in our state and we want to make sure all sides are heard and the process is followed correctly. Impeachment proceedings have nothing to do with the criminal proceedings on the felony charges. I will state again that I have the utmost respect for the members of the investigative committee and they are not on a “witch hunt.”
The Senate and House of Representatives continue to work very hard despite the distractions in the capitol. My “No Wake” legislation has been sent to the governor as an amendment on HB 2116. I have two other bills in the final stages of the Senate and I am looking for bills I can amend my remaining legislation to in the final days. We have passed more bills out of the House this year than any of my previous five years. The budget will be in the conference committee this week and will be completed before the Friday, May 11 deadline. It is always interesting to see what makes it across the finish line in the last two weeks.

I have said in the past it is very difficult to pass legislation and sometimes it takes several years to get a bill through the process. Rep. Paul Curtman is in his final year of his final term and has never had a bill make it completely through the process with his name on it until this year. HB 2034 is Paul’s bill which would legalize the growing of industrial hemp in the state and it was sent to the governor this week. This has taken him four years of filing and changing the legislation to get it to the point that organizations like Missouri Farm Bureau would not oppose the bill. Growing industrial hemp was legal in Missouri before World War II and it was planted all across Missouri. Since it is a weed, it can grow in about any soil and it spreads. It was made illegal soon after the war, but it still remains as what we call “Ditch Weed” that farmers have to spray to kill or the Highway Patrol has to destroy. It has no use as a drug because of the low THC content, but it has many uses in industry for rope, clothes, lotions, and other items.

Rep. Sara Walsh and I were able to present a resolution to “Apollo”, the K-9 Hero from the Moniteau County Sheriff’s Department. Tony Wheatley, Edward Wieken, and several deputies were honored as well for the work that they do for the community. I am grateful Rep. Walsh put this resolution and presentation together. Sara is doing a great job for the people in her district.

The Morgan County Farm Bureau had a “Meet the Candidate” dinner last week where each person running for office was given an opportunity to speak. It takes a lot of courage to put your name on a ballot. So, please get out and give these brave people a chance to visit with you. It is important to meet the candidates so that the public can make an informed decision in the upcoming elections.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please contact me at 573-751-2077 or email

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