by Kerry Hampy
Donald and Ruth Ann Warnke visited Aric Siegel Wednesday, Aug. 8.
Daniel and Kaitlyn Warnke spent a few days with their grandparents Donald and Ruth Ann Warnke.
Sarah Iwanow, and Terry and Monica Jones, were dinner guests of Jerry Connor Saturday, Aug. 11.
John Starke and grandson, Elliott Witte, were visitors of Frances Starke Saturday, Aug. 11.
Layne Hofstetter spent a few days with his grandmother, Cheri Hofstetter.
Amy Wittman, and daughters Paige and Jenna Wittman, were dinner guests of Linda Dittmer Sunday, Aug. 12.
Eleven people enjoyed a card party Friday, Aug. 10 at the Otterville Senior Center.
June and Duvel Hopkins of Escondido, Calif., Linda Twenter of Pilot Grove, and Kerry Hampy were Tuesday, Aug. 7 lunch guests of Geneva Hampy at the Smithton Cafe.
Frances Antione, Carol Lee Gibson of San Antonio, Texas, and Betty Woodall, had breakfast Thursday, Aug. 9 at The Scofe Cafe in Cole Camp.
Corbin Woodall spent Friday Aug. 10 and Saturday, Aug. 11 with his grandmother, Betty Woodall.
Robby Woodall, and sons Corbin and Trenton, were dinner guests of Betty Woodall Sunday, Aug. 12.
Geneva Hampy, Dave and Liz Niebruegge, daughters Codee and Reese, Kellee Pittman, and children Mesa and Ridge, of Collinsville, Texas, were visitors of Brent and Connie Hampy Sunday, Aug. 12. The Pittmans are spending a few days with Brent and Connie Hampy.

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