Dear Editor,
Thank you for publishing the eight papers of Melissa Stone’s seventh-grade class (What is your dream government) in the Feb. 12 edition. Ms. Stone did an excellent job in setting up what should be without leading the kids toward a particular type of government.
The results were very revealing, and I would surely be kicked out of “Brooktatorship” for showing up in clothes that were not matching. This creator of laws must have looked at some of the laws Congress has come up with in establishing “matching clothes” as a law. What I found interesting was, save for one, no one set up a democratic republic like we have in America. While most wrote about a democratic form of government, they mixed some form of dictatorship into their governing process.
The most efficient form of government is, in fact, a benevolent dictatorship. The problem has always been it has never existed, and with human nature being what it is, never will. Clearly, these government developers think their “dream government” will succeed where others failed and we should encourage thinking such as this and hopefully make them understand the true real-life challenges any form of dictatorship provides.
One would also hope, given all the facts about how governments function, they are being taught there has never been a better form when it comes to everyone being part of the process, than ours. The founders understood what it was like being under a Ruler’s Law (dictatorship) for that is what they were under in England. They also understood what it was like to have “no law” (anarchy) for they experienced that while trying to establish themselves in America.
They wanted a balance between the two, with all the power in the people. But they also understood why direct democracy does not work for obvious reasons, so that required establishing a representative form of government, thus a democratic republic.
If ever there was a home run hit in government establishing it was by our founding fathers. If one wishes to understand just how significant the founding of our government was, they are encouraged to read “The 5,000 Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen. Please keep encouraging the kids to both think about and write their thoughts of such significant subjects as government.
Howard Shotts
24870 Beechnut Rd.
Stover, Mo. 65078

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