by Stacey Embry,
Morgan County Library
Some days I bring a bag to work, some days I do not. One day last week, I should have because I left the library with five checked-out items even though I had not planned on checking anything out. It started with a request from my daughter. She wanted the other book by Ernest Cline (Ready Player One is good, Armada is better, can’t say that enough). Then I had to face the reality that my hold for the eBook version of The Underground Railroad was not going to happen in time for me to read before book club, so time to check out the old-school version. So I left for lunch and had two items checked out. No big deal, I don’t need a bag for that.
That afternoon, Jessica entered some new books. Three came home with me; First, Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss, the author of Tools of Titans, a book I will probably purchase. Alive in Shape and Color: 17 Paintings by Great Artists and the Stories They Inspired, an anthology with a variety of bestselling authors including Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Jeffery Deaver, and Joyce Carol Oates. I am an artist and I love to read, how can I not check out this book? My third find was The How Not to Die Cookbook. I love to eat and not dying sounds like a nice goal so this book also went into my pile of goodies.
My hands were full when I left work, but it felt like taking home presents. No bag, no problem.
I do order all our new adult items, DVDs, CDs, and magazines, but even I sometimes forget what I ordered, so the by the time it arrives it is like opening up a present. The staff has the benefit of “opening presents” every month and, honestly, so do you! We list our new items in a variety of places. Shirley creates a list of new adult books and DVDs, and copies are available for our patrons.
As the girls enter new items into the catalog (adults, young adult, juvenile, children’s, DVDs and CDs), they list the items on our website on the designated page. For example: the new adult items can be found on the right of the webpage. These items are listed for two weeks at a time. On our card catalog page, there is a “What’s New” section on the right side. As I was writing this, I discovered I need to modify the information, but by morning all new items should be available with a simple search.
Our new CDs, adult audiobooks, adult books, juvenile and young adult books all have designated areas in the library for display. The new items typically stay on display for a month at a time. Children’s books are highlighted weekly at story time, so it’s an extra treat for our story time kiddos, they get first dibs.
Our collection consists of 35,491 items: 7,687 adult fiction, 5,352 adult non-fiction, 1,292 large print, 1,547 adult audiobooks, 674 adult biographies, 5,526 items in the easy collection, 4,604 items in the juvenile collection, 2,274 items in the young adult collection, 910 CDs, 694 magazines, 4,517 DVDs and 408 genealogy and reference items. (If you do the math, it is off by six, something for me to fix when I get done with the Bookworm). These numbers change daily.
New items come in monthly, so it is like a holiday year round at the library, but you better bring a bag, because you never know what you will leave with.
For more information, visit the Morgan County Library, 600 N. Hunter, in Versailles; call 573-378-5319; or see the library’s website at Library hours are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.
The library will be closed Monday, Dec. 25 for Christmas Day.