Edwin Z. and Jolene Rissler to Johnathan and Lucinda Rissler, northeast quarter of northeast quarter, section 10, township 42, range 16, northwest quarter of northwest quarter, section 11, township 42, range 16.

Charles Meyers to Joel and Jeanie Driscoll, lot 2, block 1, Ross Addition in Versailles.

Roger N. and Margaret L. Gerlt Trustees to Jimmy Miesner, south half of northwest quarter, and southwest quarter, section 31, township 42, range 19.

Scott D. and Carolyn J. Lake to Charles Michael Lake, northeast quarter, section14, township 42, range 17.

Kimberly S. Leavitt and Jerry Dabbs to Jeffrey and Stephanie Nelson, lot 5, Oak Leaf Subdivision, and lot 1, Oak Leaf Subdivision, also 1/5 interest into lot 8.

Winnie L. Woods to Robert Taylor, lot 38, Ivy Bend Number One.

Christin Lynnette Williams and Christin Lynnette Petree to Brent Williams, northeast quarter of northwest quarter of southeast quarter, two tracts, section 14, township 45, range 18.

City of Laurie to ADR Revocable Trust, southwest quarter, section 15, township 40, range 17.

Kurt A. Steidley Trustee to City of Laurie, southwest quarter of southwest quarter, section 15, township 40, range 17.

Lake Ozark Marina LLC to Millstone Thunder Marina LLC, lots 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, Green Acres; lot 20, nine tracts; lot 21, two tracts; lots 22, 23, 37, and 19, Green Acres.

Ada M. Pomering to Jay H. and Rebecca A. Martin, northeast quarter, section 18, township 41, range 18; north half of north half of northwest quarter and south half of northwest quarter of northwest quarter, section 17, township 41, range 18.

Marvin Rogers to Patrick J. and Jane Kelly, Thomas E. and Barbara W. Foster, and Mark and Susan Beam Ward, lot 26, Boulevard Subdivision.

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