August 17, 1928
The widower has just started to tell a story when he suddenly broke down and began sobbing like a child.
“Why, what’s the matter?” we asked him.
“Why, how can I tell a story without my wife here to butt in with corrections and advice and finally taking over the job of finishing it herself?” he wept.
August 19, 1938
In Uncle Sam’s census bureau in Washington, America’s official “nose counters” are already preparing for the 1940 population check, a stupendous job that requires intricate equipment and skilled workers. The bureau provide’s Uncle Sam’s only method of discovering what his people are doing and of uncovering popular trends of the times.
August 13, 1948
Face to face with the congress he had labeled “worst, save one,” in history, President Truman was greeted by one of the coolest congressional receptions ever accorded a chief executive when he appeared before the special session. Only polite applause came occasionally from the galleries and from administration followers. Republicans kept their hands in their pockets.
August 14, 1958
Miss Dorothy Stucker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Atwell Stucker of Stover, became the bride of Leroy Pritzel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pritzel of Cole Camp, in a private ceremony 2 p.m. Sunday, July 27, at Trinity Lutheran parsonage. The Rev. Fred Wiebke of Pyrmont officiated at the double-ring ceremony.
August 15, 1968
Martin Fischer received a severe cut on his left leg last Friday by a piece of his power mower. The disc holding the blade broke into two pieces and one piece was thrown just above his left ankle. Mrs. Elvon Merriott sustained a leg injury almost two weeks ago when her power mower threw a small piece of wire into her leg.
August 16, 1978
An aggressive action plan has been approved by the city council for control of dogs within the city. The plan calls for picking up dogs, transporting them to the Zurmiller farm southwest of Stover where the animals will be kept three days and then destroyed if not claimed.
August 17, 1988
Seventy-three tractors were entered in the antique and classic tractor pull Saturday evening at Stover Memorial Park. First, second, and third place trophies were awarded in the 11 classes. Winners were chosen on a percentage basis, figured by dividing the weight of the tractor into the distance pulled.
August 19, 1998
Shila Barker, 23, will teach kindergarten at Morgan County R-I School this year. Barker graduated in 1993 from Morgan County R-I High School. She attended Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, where she majored in pre-K-3 education and earned an endorsement in 1-6 elementary. She is married to Kevin Barker and they have one son, two-month-old Kahlin Barker.
August 13, 2008
Amanda Bail, daughter of Joni Spaulding of Stover, and Ben Shipp, son of Mike and Lesa Shipp of Fulton, announce their engagement. A wedding is planned for Jan. 31, 2009 at the Royal Theatre in Versailles.

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