December 16, 1927
A black dog of the Collie type traveling north from the Buffalo country Saturday caused quite a stir among the natives along the way. The vicious and mad symptoms displayed by the animal became the subject of telephone conversation, and when he reached the High Prairie neighborhood, he was shot by Walter Kraxberger.
December 10, 1937
Tip Flippin has been at work this past week tearing down the old Kreglinger house on Little Buffalo. This is the house in which the late Ed Kreglinger and his bachelor brothers resided. Paul Kreglinger, who owns the place, has built new improvements on it and has had the old house torn down to get it out of the way.
December 12, 1947
“Eat six hens, save this grain.” This is how the Poultry and Egg national board of Chicago has chosen to dramatize the necessity for eating more chickens if the nation is going to save more grain for Europe. If every family eats one chicken a week for six weeks, it will save 64 pounds of grain.
December 12, 1957
In traveling around the county this past week, it is noted a considerable number of farmers are doing fall plowing. Fall plowing is a good management practice, since farmers usually have more time at this time of year to get the plowing done than they do in the spring when spring work piles up. Also, ground that is plowed now and left rough will dry out faster in the spring, making possible the earlier seeding of oats or grass and legume crops. Fall plowing also destroys many insects that over-winter in the soil.
December 14, 1967
The man who lives down the road and over the hill says his wife is really something. The other day, she called the game warden and asked him what type of games he would suggest for a 5-year-old’s birthday party.
December 14, 1977
Old Man Weather relented a little in harshness Saturday with clear skies but with cold temperatures for the Old Fashioned Christmas parade and many people kept to the comfort of their cars to view the activities. After a low of minus one degree during the night, the temperature rose to around 10 degrees for the post-parade action.
December 16, 1987
Independent Research is a new class that was developed at Stover High School. It is one of the highest level courses for science credit. Its difficulty is equivalent to the difficulty level of physics, chemistry, or Biology II. “The goal of the class is to give students practice in critical thinking as it applies to science problem solving,” said Marilyn Rhea, head of the science department at SHS.
December 10, 1997
The GRAD program at Morgan County R-I High School has announced Michelle Monroe, a 1996-97 student, was notified by the Missouri Department of Education that she has passed her GED test. She has received a Missouri Certificate of High School Equivalence.
December 12, 2007
Ongoing vandalism to the Christmas lighting displays in Stover Legion Memorial Park may put an end to something area people have enjoyed for the past 13 years. Vandals have been unplugging the displays, and red and blue light bulbs from the American Legion stand were switched with clear light bulbs on two of the reindeer.

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